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circle Web Strategy

Web Strategy means a lot of things to a lot of people. At Miles Interactive, Web Strategy is identifying exactly how the Web can best be leveraged to help companies achieve their business goals. Miles Interactive has developed a proven methodology that can help any business in any industry create and implement a successful Web Strategy within just a handful of collaborative working sessions. Regardless of industry all Miles Interactive clients walk away having a clear roadmap for how they will leverage the power of Internet to solve a business problem and/or achieve their business goals.

circle Web Design and Development

When it comes time to creating the ultimate website to deliver on the Web Strategy, Miles Interactive will assemble the “best of the best” within each required area of expertise. This network of artisans has over a decade of experience in working together to create award winning websites that are delivered on-time, on-budget and on-scope. This successful track record is based on following an established rigorous and disciplined project management process that is built on experience, long-standing working relationships and trust.

The Miles Interactive Web Design and Development artisans include:

Web Design

Information Architecture

Interactive Copy Writing

Web Development

circle Web Marketing:

When it comes time to implement Web Marketing tactics, Miles Interactive has a network here as well to help implement Web Marketing activities based on the Web Strategy.

The Miles Interactive Web marketing artisans include:

Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Online Advertising

Social Media marketing

Email marketing

circle Web Analytics:

When it comes time to measure the effectiveness of your Web Marketing and Web site, Miles Interactive can help you identify the analytics tool to best meet your needs and budget.

gino giovannelli2

Gino Giovannelli

Principal, Miles Interactive

Giovannelli is a rare breed. He studied engineering in college without really being an “engineer”. He studied in Vienna Austria, without knowing a lick of German. He’s an east coast “Jersey” boy, now living in the mid-west. He's the resident “Geek Squad” at home, but doesn’t drive one of those fun cars. He’s a crazy drummer, but doesn’t know how to read music. He coaches baseball, really doesn’t know the game (don’t tell the kids!).

One thing he DOES know is how to help companies determine exactly how to best leverage the Internet to significantly grow their business. Not the creep along stuff, but the serious growth that helps companies reinvent themselves and achieve unprecedented results.

Giovannelli accomplishes this by combining his proven method of helping clients develop an Interactive Strategy, which basically outlines the online goals, strategies and tactics that will best contribute to the overall goals of the client. And once that Interactive Strategy is set, he is the master at pulling together the “dream team” of experts and project managing the successful execution of the strategy.