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Case Study

International Truck

After a prototype truck at a national show was wildly received and International Truck’s decision to launch it as an official product line, a website was needed in short order to promote the new CXT truck to a new consumer audience. 

As a result a website was completely designed and developed in 3 weeks which resulted in:

  • Over 35,000 unique visitors (with a return rate of 14%)

  • Over 200 leads in one week (with 49% expressing an intent to buy, which was 18x the normal rate)

  • International 1

    Here is the landing page for the CXT – Commercial Extreme Truck website.

  • International 2

    Here is the gallery page that shows the CXT in action.

  • International 3

    A specification page provides consumers with all the information needed to make a buying decision including a virtual tour.

  • International 4

    A specification sheet for the MXT – Military Extreme Truck is also provided to those interested in a military version.

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